popular french baby names that I think are freakin’ sweet.


Tatiana- Reminds me of tangerine for some weird reason.

Héloïse- Just cause it would be fun to give that name to poor southern uneducated telemarketers and see how they tried to spell it.

Anaïs- Another beezy to spell.

Aliénor- I don’t speak french, but I assume this is pronounced similar to “Eleanor.” Hahah, that’s the worst one yet. And it has Alien in it, which could serve as tribute to the best scifi movie ever.


Vladimir- Not really french, is it? But still an awesome name.

Hipployte- Words cannot describe. Just too damn cool.

Lancelot- Equally BADASS

Kinda like guillotine, so it’s good in my book.

Alix- Is it pronounced like Alex? If so, props for finding a creative way to spell a common name. NAAAAAT. That’s lame and will be irritating.

Cyprian- Can you have this name if you aren’t from Cyprus? I hope not, or else there are a lot of POSERS out there.

Timothée- How much shit are you going to catch in elemenatry/middle school for such an effeminate name? a lot.

In conclusion, I want to have two kids: Hippolyte and Lancelot. And Aliénor, maybe, if I am cursed with a girl-child.


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One response to “popular french baby names that I think are freakin’ sweet.

  1. daniel

    Tatiana is a cool name.
    Aliénor sounds like a name from a terrible fantasy/LOTR-knockoff movie.

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