keychain thumb destroyer

this thing is advertised as a “BodyGard [c’mon, is it so hard to include the ‘u’?] 5-in-1 Emergency Tool.” One of the five tools included in this little SMORGASBORD OF PAIN is a car window breaker, which you can see on the left-hand side of the picture. The light-gray cylinder depresses into the unit as it is pushed against a window, and eventually a spring-loaded pin shoots out of the hole at high speed, striking the window with enough force to shatter it. or, alternately, PIERCING THE THUMB of anybody unfamiliar with the device and unlucky enough to use their finger rather than a window to push down the sheath.

fuck, that hurt.



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4 responses to “AGH MY THUMB

  1. Brian

    wow your going to bitch about that forever aren’t you

  2. ops sorry for the double comment there i was watching TV and forgot that i just posted ^^

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