stephen colbert would’ve considered this a nightmare

oh shit, bears. we’re walking on a path back to the campsite when we see bears through the trees. lots of bears. we decide to turn around when they start advancing menacingly on us. fortunately I have a cardboard tube and am able to keep them back with that and lots of yelling. we get back to safety, which is in the form of a picnic area. we try to go another way, by a lake, but it’s filled with SWIMMING BEARS, oh shit.

I remember another part of the dream, which involved me operating a large back-hoe in the middle of a forest clearing, and my friend kevin (doyle) in a hazmat suit outside, taking readings of something. I realized that the forest was infested with bears, and inform kevin that if they make their presence known he is to jump on the back of the excavator and I’ll fight them off, Ripley/Alien style. I am so psyched about fighting bears with a back-hoe.

strange dream.



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2 responses to “stephen colbert would’ve considered this a nightmare

  1. Brian

    w0w i would have enjoyed a dream like that… i like to dance with bears in the moonlight!!

  2. Ill tell you a story of how my grandad survered the days in the bear infested north east minnasota.

    See my granpa lived in this shed and there were fucking bears outside,like they would fuck hes shit up whenever he tride to leave,so one day he went outside and shot one and brought its corpse inside,and from it he made anti bear armor,first he skinned it,then he used the bones to make some fucking shoulder pads,then he put on the skin,sort of like a cape so then he took the skull and tied it to hes chest while singing,then he covered himself in the bears blood,ALL THE BLOOD,he was all red and shit right? then he went to the kitchen and he grabbed all the knives he could,then he tied the knives to hes hands to make like some claws.

    and so with hes full battle bear armor on,my uncle went outside to take care of the bears outside hes house,he rushed out,got in hes fucking truck,and ran over all of those mother fucking shit head bears before they could even see it fucking coming,then when he was done he went to get more gas becouse he ran out of gas,but then he came back and owned more fucking bears,then he went back inside and lived happy and good forever.

    I can’t remember if my grandmother was the gas attendant or a hooker he picked up,but him in hes full battle armor glory could of attracted any woman anywhere.

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