geek social fallicies

while I’m sure there’s no firm scientific basis for this analysis, anecdotally I find it wholly accurate, and somewhat interesting.  one of those things that one always knew subconsciously, but didn’t have a good understanding of until it was logically laid out.  anyway…

 the five geek social fallacies.



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4 responses to “geek social fallicies

  1. daniel

    that was a lot more well-written than I was expecting, and although I find it accurate, I don’t think any kind of social dynamic with these fallacies is permanent. In the end, groups of friends like this do tend to dissipate after a while – i have personal experience.

  2. daniel

    also, this article may have been a bit facetious, not sure tho

  3. no, I think the article and the experiences of the author, were genuine. I agree with what you said about dissipation, to a point. I think that a core group of friends tend to stay together, but many others come and go. this is from personal experience, too.

  4. Nathan

    Ummm, let’s stop the semi-intellectual jerking off.

    T&A Julio


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