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lrdp part whatever

So I had never actually taken the time to figure out exactly what the LRDP consisted of, development-wise. After perusing the Final Draft LRDP, I’ve certainly got a better idea of the scope and impact that it will have, if completed in it’s current form. The graphic below consists of two maps from the LRDP that I thought together gave a pretty good picture of exactly how far back the administration wants to develop:

lrdp big graphic
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I’ve definitely walked/ran/biked in the area that would be developed, and, yeah, it’s too bad that will be gone. But spending a good deal of time back there has really made me appreciate the sheer magnitude of space that is available. I mean, not only does the UCSC land continue upwards past the areas in question, it is bordered seamlessly with Wilder Ranch and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Parks. And no matter how greedy and overreaching one may think the administration, it’s far past the point of credulity to believe that they’d try to develop there.

final draft lrdp (PDF)


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who’s scared of a vegetarian muslim?


“It’s staggering that this most elementary principle of journalism is not merely violated by so many of our establishment journalists, but is explicitly rejected by them.”

An neat little indictment of the journalism establishment, using the Washington Post’s “coverage” of Obama’s religion and a NY Times article on Giuliani’s exuberant (and questionable) use of statistics to make his “Mayor=President” argument.

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humorous problem complaint

received from a Astronomy professor:

Subject: keyboaaaaaaaard problems
Report: my keyboaaaaaaard is driving me craaaaaaazy.  Its keys aaaaaaaare sticking.  Caaaaan I get aaaaanother keyboaaaaaaaard pleaaaaaasse.

Technician Note: replaced keyboard. 

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the golden age of advertising

i am amused. 

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No longer just for companies.

I remember my professor in “Technology Targeting Social Issues” class mentioning that he did something like this, which is a really interesting (I think) phenomenon that will increase in popularity as long as there is such a great disparity between wages in the US and other countries, and information continues to flow freely and cheaply.

See also: Flat World Theory

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he’s no updike

“So Klara turned head to foot and put her most unmentionable part down on his hard-breathing nose and mouth and took his old battering ram into her lips.”

That’s the passage from Norman Mailer’s “The Castle in the Forest” which recently won him (posthumously) the 2007 Bad Sex In Fiction award. And really, it’s a doozie. I mean, look at those descriptions—”unmentionable,” “hard-breathing,” “old battering ram”—come on Mailer, give it some spice, some pizazz. And please, leave the battering rams for your medieval war epics.


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I think “All the King’s Men” is kind of like my Catcher in the Rye—

—Holden Caufield’s aggressive, angry scorn for “phonies” never really spoke to me on any profound level, but Jack Burden, in all his apathetic, morally ambiguous, and reserved  glory, is my kind of literary anti-hero.

“One feels incredulity at the first breaking of a habit, but horror at the violation of a principle. Therefore what virtue and honor I had known in the past had been an accident of habit and not the fruit of will. Or can virtue be the fruit of human will? The thought is pride.”

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