my day

so after getting back to the apartment last night, after dining on fine french cuisine at the santa cruz diner (mozerella sticks and pilfered fries dipped in pilfered gravy–best thing ever when inebriated), I ripped off my clothes (but I do that all the time) and slept deeply until like 11 am today. I had class starting at 10, but whatever, I’m too cool for school and you all know it. instead I got up, had some spaghetti and chicken, watched some DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER

quick aside, his show just got suspended because it turns out he doesn’t have anything against “niggers” but is afraid that if his son’s girlfriend (an african-american) heard him use the word (which he admits to doing “occasionally”) she’d think that he was really calling her, “you fucking scum nigger without a soul.” an honest mistake, really. he apologized later.

anyway, I wasn’t feeling too hot (not hungover, I don’t get hungover–refer above to “too cool for school,” which also applies to hangovers) and decided some brisk physical activity was in order. As I bought a (nice) bike over the summer, and haven’t used it too much recently, I figured I’d go on an XTREME ride through upper-campus, which actually has some legitimate singletrack/downhill trails. I set off, with my snazzy (free) mountain dew water bottle and the smooth tunes of Justice, !!!, and the Flaming Lips on my ipod. I must admit, I wasn’t too into it at the beginning–my heart was in it, but my body wasn’t really keen on any sweat-producing activities. I normally go left (fuck you, I don’t know what direction it is, but it’s left) but for some reason I ended up going right, which equates to towards Crown/Merrill, and apparently, the Pogonip trail. I’d always heard about the Pogonip, but never actually been on the trail. Let me tell you, it’s nice. Nice going down. the switchbacks kind of suck and make it hard to get any speed, but it’s fun. Until you reach highway nine (and fall over the handlebars like a tool and scrape up your legs/arms) and realize that you spent like 2 miles going downhill.

so I proverbially licked my literal wounds, and rode slowly back.  it was worth it though, because I felt good and not shitty afterwords.  I got back and almost immediately headed down to practice, which was awesome because I D’ED THE SHIT OUT OF BRIAN and laughed like a homosexual maniac, and just generally had fun and wasn’t was not entirely a shitty ultimate player.

but now it’s 10:00 and my body is pissed at me for working it so mercilessly today and I seriously feel like I popped a few vicodin or smoked a prodigious amount of weed (or both) but not in a particularly good way.  oh well.



ultimate frisbee
sick d’s
brian and kevin cooking me dinner like the manslaves they are
lemon bars that ariel made


dog chapman being a douchebag
american studies paper due on monday


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  1. BRIAN

    I DO NOT KNOW JUST HOW I FEEL ABOUT BEING CALLED YOUR MANSLAVE. unless its like a sexual thing which might be ok

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