what the fuck?

So yesterday I spent a good 4 hours in the library, reading a book for my Labor and the Working Class essay that was due today. I read (most) of the book (thank god for clifnotes, I felt like a highschooler) and then realized that I had no fucking clue what I was going to write–none of the prompts spoke to me, I didn’t immediately have an idea of how to approach ANY of them. it sucked. so I got frustrated and stayed frustrated as I went back to the apartment, made chicken adobo with sabrina, and futilely tried to start the paper. didn’t work so well.

today, I went to work and,uh, worked, I guess. And then I came home and really tried to write it. Really, I did. I knew I had to turn something in, because even though this is an optional essay, it changes the grading weight of the final–dropping it from 80% (EIGHTY-FUCKING-PERCENT) to a slightly more reasonable 60%. Anyway, I finally got somewhat of an inspiration, and wrote a paper that wasn’t pure drivel.

I finished it right as I had to leave for class–it’s at Oakes, and is a good 15-20 minute walk. I walked, in the unseasonable cold and thickass fog, past groups of vapid coeds cowering at the sight of a raccoon coming out of a sewer drain, up and down hills covered in 7 feet of snow, to Oakes Academy 102. “What’s that?” I thought, as I noticed a white note upon the door. “STUDENTS IN Y. HUGINNE’S AMST114C LABOR AND THE WORKING CLASS: CLASS MEETING IS CANCELLED, MONDAY NOVEMBER 5”

this is me


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