lrdp part tres

these are all flyers I’ve seen around campus, publicizing the LRDP Resistance organization, “an ad-hoc coalition of concerned individuals on and off the UCSC campus.

you should notice that these flyers are at least a few cuts above standard handwritten-photocopied-stapled protest flyers.  their website, too, is impressive.  well-designed, and with very well-written content, as well as ample background information and links.  they state that, “despite appearances,” they have no web-designer, which I find somewhat curious.

Not to be cynical, but I really don’t think your average student protesters are capable of this.  they do acknowledge that there are “individuals … off the UCSC campus” involved in the organization, but given that the protest was almost entirely comprised of students, and that one line is the only mention of non-student involvement, I’m pretty curious as to who exactly the LRDP Resistance is.

I don’t really think there’s some big ‘ol conspiracy, and that it will turn out to be bin laden supporting government destabilization through student activists such as lrdp resistance, but it’s just a question I had.


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  1. That’s what I’ve been wondering too. I work there in E2 and have been visiting the location daily to see what’s going on here. I’m unfamiliar with the masked aspect of protest. They look like kids playing cowboys and indians with their bandannas and all. I don’t get it. And the WEB site is completely anonymous, even down to a whois query. Something fishy is up here. Let’s just hope their FBI agents provocateurs don’t put them up to too much mischief to our beautiful campus.

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