exciting schedule-related activities

so I signed up for next quarter’s classes today, I think it turned out pretty well…


Ubiquitous/Mobile Technology (10:00-11:45)
Practice (2:00-5:00)
Personal Computers (4:00-5:45)
America & Americans (6:00-7:45)
Fish Rap Live! (Tuesdays only, 8:00)

Now you may be wondering how I can be both at ultimate practice AND personal computers.  The answer is quite simple: to get an “A” in personal computers you have to show up at class exactly three times—first day, midterm, and final.  I’m just taking it for the GE, to be honest/conceited I could probably teach that class.  I might sign up for another class on MWF just so I won’t feel like a total cop-out.


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