New Jersey Sons

So I procrastinated on writing a “critical analysis” paper of a feature New Yorker article. And by procrastinated, I mean I started about an hour ago, and it’s due tomorrow. But it’s okay, I think it turned out well. I was stumped, until I got inspired, and ended up comparing the subject of the article to Tony Soprano. I think any paper that uses the quote, “I don’t need a gynecologist to know which way the wind blows” is a guaranteed “A.”

Our Man In Pyongyang 


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2 responses to “New Jersey Sons

  1. MatthewDad

    So, what I want to know: Is the animal that stands in for you on the tags an anteater, or what? He (or she, let’s not leap to conclusions here) is very cool and sort of 19th-century-British-Naturalist looking. And also — how much of the letterhead is Ulysses Ronquillo-template, and how much you? Inquiring minds, etc. Lastly — you write good.

  2. The animal is named “Sorex moschatus Pall” and I found it on this very interesting blog, “BibliOdyssey,” which reminds me of the store in Old Town that had carnivorous plants and teeth, only in digital form. The header image is of my own design, the rest of it is Mr. Ronquillo’s doing. Glad you like it.


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