all about us

you know, I used to have little but scorn for mainstream/top 40/pop-whatever music, but sometimes you find a song (or in this case, music video) that is so bad it actually loops back and becomes awesome. without further adu, I present All About Us, by russian duo t.A.T.u.:

interesting side-note: the creator of the band, a russian businessman, explained his reasoning behind his decision to choose two young (14- and 15-years old) girls for his new group:

“I saw that most people look up pornography on the Internet and of those, most are looking for underage sex. I saw their needs weren’t fulfilled. Later, it turned out, I was right. This is the same as my own desires. I prefer underage girls.” (wiki)

props to sabrina for opening my eyes to this



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2 responses to “all about us

  1. Yay! Credit!

    Also: Gratuitous violence/nudity.

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