he’s no updike

“So Klara turned head to foot and put her most unmentionable part down on his hard-breathing nose and mouth and took his old battering ram into her lips.”

That’s the passage from Norman Mailer’s “The Castle in the Forest” which recently won him (posthumously) the 2007 Bad Sex In Fiction award. And really, it’s a doozie. I mean, look at those descriptions—”unmentionable,” “hard-breathing,” “old battering ram”—come on Mailer, give it some spice, some pizazz. And please, leave the battering rams for your medieval war epics.



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2 responses to “he’s no updike

  1. MatthewDad

    Outstanding accompanying photo — I think you captured the essence of “Mailer-ness.” Where did it come from? It pleases me you chose Updike as his opposite. Have you ever read any of his poetry? Or any of the “Rabbit” books?

  2. The photo came from a quick google image search, I’m afraid any specific significance past the battering ram is entirely accidental, but I’m glad it works. I haven’t read any Updike, his reputation in this arena seems to precede him. I know the Rabbit books are well worth reading, I’ve read the first few pages of “Rabbit, Run” and I’m sure I’ll read the rest at some point.

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