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if these guys aren’t fremen,

sans spice and wormriding, then I don’t know who would be:


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post-canada, pre-LA, presently-christmas

a post in three parts:

part I
vancouver was overall a success, though too short to really get a good feel for the city—me and steve spent an embarrassingly large portion of the two days either en-route to or at H&M (we got lost, a lot), but I feel it was worth it.  I didn’t take very many pictures, but I think this one kind of sums up the entire experience:

steve, two random girls, 3:30 am in mcdonalds.  a match made in heaven.  at least they didn’t make good on their thread of physical violence against poor steve.

part II
the drive back was okay, except for some tense moments at the border, which my lawyers tell me I can’t discuss further.  we stopped at a strip of outlet stores north of Seattle, and I felt like a tool because I bought a new pair of the same shoes I happened to be wearing, but other than that (and fucking torrential rains) the drive back was uneventful.  Steve impressed us with his culinary expertise (boneless-skinless chicken breasts, canned corn, canned kidney beans, salt/pepper—hell, it was healthier than poutine!), we drank a few 40s between us, watched Harold and Kumar, and slept the sleep of the righteous and well-driven.  Me and Brian left at what had become the standard time for the trip: 1:00 in the afternoon, which was (every time) about 3 hours later than what we would’ve liked.  The drive alternated between bright sun and pouring rain, which was fun because the (cheap) sunglasses I had were really dark, so either the world was visible (when sunny) or hardly observable (rainy), and led to many fumblings to find and discard said sunglasses.  and then it snowed some.

part III
thanks to parts (I) and (II), being home in as boring a place as humboldt is a welcome change, which was kind of the point of the trip in the first place.  it’s been cold (not as much as BC) and rainy (more so than in BC), but that’s cool.  and I lack a satisfactory ending to this post, so I leave you with this:

Now playing on iTunes: Animal Collective – #1

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whilst I wait for steve to return from the vancouver public library’s bathroom, a quick update.

as the more observant of readers may have already guessed, I’m in vancouver.  the one in canada.  there’s one in washington, too, but it’s way less cool.  so far the trip has been pretty much awesome, even considering how damn expensive alcohol things are here in the frigid north.

a list, for I am too lazy to write things out paragraph-style:

  1. the Negroni = my favorite drink ever.  It pairs the classiness of classic cocktails without the obviousness of martinis, old-fashions, etc. and it tastes good, to boot.  $9 is a small price to pay for sophistication, I feel.
  2. It’s cold.  I like that.  I can wear winter clothing without being overheated and overdressed.
  3. strip clubs close too early on sundays
  4. when the same woman asks you for spare change (after you gratified her the first time) six or seven times, it’s okay to get annoyed and ignore her.
  5. if someone offers you a bike for $1 at 2 am, it’s probably not a kosher deal.
  6. there are weed stores here, but they can’t sell it to you, they can just smoke it behind the counter and taunt you with it.
  7. 24-hour portland hotcake houses are surprisingly busy at 4 am
  8. it’s best to let the drunk canadians talk to the hookers, then you’re not the one that gets slapped
  9. it’s easy to get lost on the way to H&M, and old-fashioned maps are helpful only if you have a general idea of where you are in the city (north vancouver ≠ east vancouver)
  10. canadians seem to have a freakish affinity for cheesy sentimental music
    1. steve seems to harbor a subtle yet malicious prejudice for the canadian people
    2. steve is also a bad person for it

more to come when I am better-rested and clearer-headed.

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ongoing wish-list addition

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“The Earth has a new centre and it is a tiny desert kingdom gone mad.”

Fascinating article about Dubai: its past (brief), its present (glittering) and its future (bound to be spectacular).  Also contains the interesting factoid that Dubai, with it’s 1.5 million people, owns the same amount of foreign assets (including US debt) as China, whose population dwarfs Dubai many times over.

It sounds like a surreal, magnificent, exploding shrine to capitalism and the free market.  I want to visit—business class, please.

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two of my favorite things

typography + tarantino

I would embed it here, but I don’t want to pay $20 for the privilege of doing so.

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addition to christmas list

because this is really quite something…

transatlantic submarine cables reaching land

“In An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, Taryn Simon documents spaces that are integral to America’s foundation, mythology and daily functioning, but remain inaccessible or unknown to a public audience. She has photographed rarely seen sites from domains including: science, government, medicine, entertainment, nature security and religion.”

available on amazon

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