Scholarly pursuits and precipitation

Today it was raining when I woke up, rained as I went about my business, and will be raining when I go to sleep.

Aforementioned business:
CMPE80U: Ubiquitous and Mobile Technology: This class had a lot of promise, because I feel that we’re on the brink of a(nother) technological revolution—the transition from visible, CPU-based computing to transparent, diffused-process interactions with computers on a wide scale. The concept of a much tighter integration of computers/technology into everyday life is a fascinating one to me, but from today’s class and the syllabus it seems like we’re going to be concentrating on current trends with a much less theoretical and forward-looking ideas. Oh well. At least the professor seems like a nice guy, who came to the states from China in 1992, and is now in his early-30s. He kept making interesting remarks that could be construed as somewhat sexist, but I chalk them up to nervousness (much hand-wringing during lecture) rather than maliciousness. This one, though, was pretty forehead-slap-worthy:

Student, brainstorming on how technology could assist in kitchen work: You could have a robot in your kitchen, using your appliances and utensils to cook–
Professor: But then nobody would marry!
Class: Awkward laughter

Afternoon: Stir-fried some chicken and vegetables, because I forgot about the leftovers from O’Mei in the fridge. Hung out with Daniel. Eventually walked (you guessed it, in the rain) to Cowell. Discussed certain females, music, stumbleupon, ron paul, big/small government, NASA, etc etc.

CMPE3: Yeah, I’m taking “Personal Computers” which is intended for computer illiterate people. It’s a cop-out, I know, and I feel guilty taking it, but I need the GE and it’s a class I can skip, which is good because it’s during ultimate practice, which is how I’m rationalizing taking it.

AMST1: The introductory American Studies course, “America and Americans,” which I’d need to take for the major, and fulfills a necessary GE. Actually sounds pretty interesting, though the professor seems like a pompous blowhard, though an articulate and intelligent one. He passed around one roll sheet for the entire (300+ person) class and acted all surprised when, 45 minutes later, only half the class had managed to sign in. Considering that anybody who didn’t sign in today was dropped from the class, it seemed like a pretty bonehead move. He made at least 100 people stay after class was dismissed to sign the sheet. It was lame to the max. Anyway, the class concentrates on “what it means to be an American,” and the struggles that have emerged in the search for a “national” identity.

Evening: Ruthlessly culled music from my library, finished O’Mei leftovers, messed around with this site’s layout.

Verdict: Is this really what I was looking forward to all break?  Hopefully the quarter can only improve from here.
Now playing: Gotan Project – Amor Porteño


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