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oh that’s right I have a blog

yeah, it really is better sans feline

and! What do these (seemingly) unrelated things have in common?

“knowing what’s best for poor people”
“barack obama”
“expensive sandwiches”
“oscar parties”

(they’re all things that white people like)

this post brought to you by my almost posting it with the phrase “thing shave” instead of “things have”
man, that would’ve been awkward.


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author is prone to extreme bouts of enthusiasm

Take Away Shows, a project (based in paris) that records various alt/indie musicians performing songs in uncommon venues.  like the street.  or a freight elevator.  or a rooftop.  all are great, but some are especially incredible:


some of the copy that accompanies the video waxes a bit poetic, but the wonderful direction/sound/locations more than make up for it.

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this is some crazy, beautiful, intricate, awe-inspiring stuff. I want it on my wall. From the LA-Times:

“THE elite graffiti crew Angels Will Rise has made a name for itself byspray-painting full-color, wall-sized murals — of both the illegal and commissioned variety — around L.A. over the last 20 years. But when 11 of its members met up in a mid-city warehouse in November, it was not to plan their next bombing mission, but to create murals bound for gallery walls …

For the show, each artist created a mural on six 4-by-4-foot panels. Their pieces will be displayed from floor to ceiling on three walls to create the effect of ‘a subway tunnel covered in graffiti,’ says gallery owner Robert Berman …

Of course, it helps that after years of outlaw status, graffiti artists are getting respect in the gallery world. “People are starting to look at this as the new tough art, the same way that in New York in the ’60s they were looking at Pop Art,” Berman says. ‘The world is their canvas.'”

Too bad the show ends tomorrow.


^Saber (who created the largest single piece of graffiti known, on the bank of the LA river. It’s visible in satellite imagery. In the picture on his website, try to find him sitting on the piece, it gives an amazing sense of scale.)

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OK so I promised not to bitch more about this class but…

“how many of you have access to a linux or unix machine?”
“oh… wow.”

WHAT THE FUCK? This guy expects a GE-level class full of humanities/non-majors to actually write and compile their own programs in C, after only a pretty cursory overview of it. This is the single most retarded thing i have ever seen.

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if I had car+money

these would be cool to go to:

Joshua Bell
Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley
Sun 2/24/2008
3:00 p.m.
He’s a world-class concert violinist who was the subject of one of my favorite articles ever.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, Kid Koala
The Grand, San Francisco
Wed 2/13/2008
9:00 p.m.

Drive-By Truckers, Felice Brothers
Mezzanine, San Francisco
Wed 2/13/2008
7:00 p.m.

Yeah, I have a big weakness for their brand of gritty southern rock.

Maria Bamford, Chris Fairbanks, Matt Morales
Punch Line, San Francisco
2/12/2008 – 2/13/2008
Tue, Wed
8:00 p.m.


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sometimes it’s hard to be as witty as I am


plus, PLUS:

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I love me a good euphamism

such as is found in the recently-leaked US Rules of Engagement in Iraq:

Kinetic Engagement/Strike: I couldn’t find a good definition, but obviously involves, you know, kinetic energy.  like a bullet. or a grenade. or a clusterbomb.

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