if I had car+money

these would be cool to go to:

Joshua Bell
Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley
Sun 2/24/2008
3:00 p.m.
He’s a world-class concert violinist who was the subject of one of my favorite articles ever.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, Kid Koala
The Grand, San Francisco
Wed 2/13/2008
9:00 p.m.

Drive-By Truckers, Felice Brothers
Mezzanine, San Francisco
Wed 2/13/2008
7:00 p.m.

Yeah, I have a big weakness for their brand of gritty southern rock.

Maria Bamford, Chris Fairbanks, Matt Morales
Punch Line, San Francisco
2/12/2008 – 2/13/2008
Tue, Wed
8:00 p.m.



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6 responses to “if I had car+money

  1. Emma

    Boredoms. Fillmore. 3/18. gogogogogo.

    Also Justice at the Concourse on 3/27, but if your coast has the fever as bad as it is out here then tickets probably sold out in fifteen minutes like they did in Boston. In which case sell your firstborn and scalp a ticket. It’s totally worth it. First- and secondborn.

  2. yeah the tickets are still readily available, for like $45 each, and I’ll be in Humboldt then. otherwise…

  3. Emma

    Good news! Not sold out, you have no excuse now. And any minute now I might stop researching concerts I can’t go to and get all productive and leave you alone.

    (ps You do have to go, though. It’s the rules. I came disturbingly close to buying tickets to see them in Montreal again the night I get back from spring break and saying my flight got in late if I missed my classes the next day. This is serious business, sir.)

  4. oh no, they’re sold out, but you can still get them for only moderately inflated prices…

  5. Emma

    oh sorry didn’t see that. hahaha that sucks. of all the times they could drop by. well just know that I am very disappointed in you.

    (you aren’t planning on going to coachella are you? in that case i would be less disappointed, just maddeningly jealous.)

  6. Emma

    4/5 Autechre
    4/11 Dirty Projectors
    4/23 Caribou
    4/26 Simian Mobile Disco
    4/30 Islands

    last.fm is torturing me. okay i’m seriously going to stop now.

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