and what happens when all the rich people want to move back into the city?


well you kick out all the poor people, of course.  But what if tenants are endowed with limited power to prevent owners from selling their buildings to developers?  Make their lives so miserable that they have no choice but to move out.  This story was also discussed in last week’s This American Life, in the specific context of local governments selling rundown property—schools, civil service buildings, etc—to developers.

So now all the poor people who can’t afford to live in shiny new condominiums get displaced to the suburbs, where they can live in the mcmansions that have lost their collective shininess, and were built quickly and shoddily to cash in on the bubble that has since burst.

in other, unrelated news, I’ve been looking on craigslist for housing opportunities next year, and it’s been a real downer. Like, either the houses have hardwood floors and a modern kitchen, but no jacuzzi, or they only have skeezy linoleum and avocado-colored appliances, but do include the hot tub that I feel is necessary to have a rewarding and satisfying college experience.  it’s going to be a hard choice.  and don’t get me started on proximity to artisan bakeries and farmer’s markets.


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