it’s really freakish how accurate this is…

I was going to write a post on how much I love The New Yorker, because, really, it’s an incredible publication, and I had a sneaking suspicion that this topic had been addressed on the eerily accurate blog Stuff White People Like.  Surprisingly (and gratifyingly—it seems like most other things I enjoy are stereotypically white) The New Yorker is nowhere to be found, though I’m sure it’s just a matter of time…

They did, however, cover The Sunday New York Times, and the picture painted is one I find very familiar…

A perfect white sunday generally works like this. Wake up at around 8:45, if the paper is delivered, then one walks to the front door, retrieves the paper and begins a pot of coffee. If the paper is not delivered, a white person will go out and usually buy the supplies needed for breakfast – bagels, orange juice, lox, cream cheese, or waffle mix. Some white people even pick up freshly brewed coffee with the paper!

All white people are expected to do this.  You are given an exemption during your early college years, but by age 22 it is pretty much law.


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  1. iperson

    wow julio. when i first found about the site, Stuff White People Like, i thought of you when i was reading through it. And i was going to send you a link to it, but i guess you already found out about it. haha. Have you read the Top Posts? i read through all the comments for the “asian girls” post, CRAZY! people are rough…

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