“rust-red scar”

just like all you see of 9/11 in the media is the spectacle of the towers falling, all one sees of hiroshima is the mushroom cloud.  From ground-level the true force of the blast, hidden by the sterile awe of the cloud, is observable on a human scale.  The story behind the pictures is pretty unbelievable, too.


Hiroshima: The Lost Photographs



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2 responses to ““rust-red scar”

  1. daniel

    I think this picture speaks to me the most of the instantaneous destruction of the atom bomb. Look at where they outlined his feet… you can just imagine that person going for a walk, noticing a bright flash in the corner of their eye, moving their hand up to block their eyes, turning towards it to get a good look…

  2. seriously man, that’s the one that completely transfixed me for several beats–humanity reduced to the faintest whiff of dust. heavy dope, dude.

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