because green has ceased to be a dirty word

just turned off this week’s edition of meet the press, the subject of which was the woes of the american auto industry and whether they should get a bailout, and the options that this nation has for the energy sector—the affable T. Boone Pickens was interviewed about his eponymous plan for american energy independance.

What struck me the most by both segments was the theme of immenent economic turmoil paired by an emphasis on the possibilities for innovation and job creation figures in the hundreds of thousands (obviously the latter holds more possibility in the creation of a new energy economy, the american auto industry is going to contract regardless).  

This got me thinking.  It seems like looking past the next few years of economic recession with an optimistic eye one can foresee a sea change in how our society and economy operates, the ideals that it holds, and a myriad of new markets that tap into such values.  I feel like the best case scenario for the next decade in this country would involve authentic ingenuity, insight, and capitalization, and a good number of people making a lot of money out of it—money that would not be completely free of questionable provenance, but at least with more moral character than the fortunes made in subprime lending, derivatives markets, and the manufacture of vehicles with mpg ratings that parallel the amount o foresight (in years) of those that purchased them.  There will be fortunes made from providing services and inventing technology that will have, if not a unarguably positive long-term effect on our world, then at least less of a degrading one.

Now, how can I get in on this?

Edit: Of course, I wake up this morning and see that Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo covers the same territory in a much more coherent manner.


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  1. Matthew/Dad

    What a rich and full weekend of writing you have wrought! And I agree w/Andrew…

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