okay, so here’s the deal, once and for all:

if you’re calling me at work, you are most likely having an issue with cruzmail, cruztime, cruznet, cruz[whatever].  this means that you are somehow affiliated–student, staff, faculty, treesitter, etc–with  the university of california at santa cruz.  Thus, when I read you an internet address for one of our services, it will be [service]  There is not a single service on campus that doesn’t somehow follow this protocol.  I will never try to trick you by throwing in a “” or “” address.  If I sound a little harried when you ask me to very slowly repeat “just the last bit” of the url–that is, “”–it’s because it’s so implicitly part of any UCSC URL that if you’re on campus, you can leave it off and you’ll STILL get to the right place.  if you work, live, or are educated on the USCS campus, you can go to any computer and simply type “cruzmail” or “cruztime” and you’ll get sent right there, no hassle, no questions, no tipping neccesary (but appreciated).  thanks for your consideration.


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  1. Lauren

    im at work at hsu and i typed in ‘my’ thinking it would send me to my ucsc portal…or a page error…and i got myspace. shows you hsu’s priorities.

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