better than navel contemplation

first off, so I don’t forget: Inga, you still owe me a burrito. The new year will not invalidate this delicious debt, only the finest mexican food tube from taqueria las cabanas will.

Please provide the following information:
Department: ITS
Building and room: Kerr 61 (basement level)
Phone (or update your profile): 9-4357
OS: Mac
Describe the problem:
bored at work, tried the times crossword but lost interest. philip roth novel compelling but ultimately unable to provide long-term (4+ hours) diversion. could write letter to grandparents, as have been meaning to for the last 3 months, but imminent visit makes it seem redundant.  would also miss pangs of guilt and feelings of ancestral inadequacy.  internet’s vast posibilities are inversely proportional to the amount of worthwhile content.  both computers at home are dead, not the disaster I would’ve expected.  forced to use on-campus computer labs to write papers.  much less distraction, still resulted in leaving campus friday morning and watching the sun rise as I drove home.  regardless, the black hole of time wasting created by such easy connectivity has only made itself apparent once it was neutralized.  didn’t realize how much time I spent sitting at my computer doing, thinking, learning nothing of importance.  information flow is not indicative of retention or relevance, apparently.

finals are almost over, wrote two 10-pages for architecture, both were really interesting and I find myself lecturing people about their subjects when we have nothing else to talk about. hopefully they find it as interesting as I do. did you know that before germany was defeated in ww2, there was already a concrete plan signed by churchill and fdr that aimed to completely strip germany of its industry and return it to a country, “primarly agricultural and pastoral in its scope.”?  pretty crazy stuff.

45 minutes until I am off work
pilgrimage to egg machine perhaps
or maybe ping pong or other -pong variants, brian brought home a full-sized ping-pong table that now dominates our garage just as brian dominates me in ping pong.

30 more minutes now
finished the crossword from yesterday, james agee and debbie meyer held me up
not in the colloquial sense of the term, but being mugged by a dead pulitzer-prize winner and an aged olympic swimmer would make a great story

holly you don’t read this so hopefully it’ll at least remind me: I need the book I left in your van over break back from you so I can see what happens to a certain mr angstrom and thus complete the nytimes-newyorker-updike perfect triad of american cultural whiteness to which I have strove for so long. I can taste it and it tastes like chèvre and CDOs.


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