so Santa Cruz weather finally realized it was winter and began acting as such.  first it was dark and rainy for three straight days.  now it’s just clear and cold.  how cold?  well maybe it’s just the inhumanity of my schedule (cue white priveledge bleating) that has me getting up at 6:50 (sunrise), leaving for work at 7:30, and getting home at around 5:30 (sunset), but I haven’t seen my car’s thermometer read above 46 degrees in the last week.  I really don’t like the 45°±10° range of tempratures at all.  it’s definitely cold, but not COLD, and does not contribute to anything cool—snow, ice, thick jackets, scarves, road salt, etc.

even though I have made a very comfortable nest on the proverbial fence, I think I appreciate a strong degree of decisiveness in my weather.  someday I will experience the as of yet abstract concept of “seasons.”  and then I’ll probably not take the mildness of california’s weather for granted.

note: I’ve always thought that was a hilarious picture, and assumed it was some glitch in the weather site that caused such a ridiculous forecast. I was wrong.  scary.


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