to put it in perspective

some young people (less now than before koolaid of my father was released) have a hard time understanding how national politics is relevant to their everyday lives.  this is especially true in cases when the topic of discussion is how to spend dollar figures that have more zeros behind them than Isoroku Yamamoto.  some individuals on a forum I frequent came up with two excellent, real-world examples of exactly how much the stimulus could cost:

  1. Enough to buy every US citizen about 87 grams of high-quality cocaine OR
  2. Enough to rebuild the Twin Towers. Five and a half times. Out of weed.

Or, given the fact that indulgences are back in style, you could probably get a few choice 20th century genocide-enthusiasts into the Kingdom.  Or at least John Thain into purgatory.  So many choices!


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One response to “to put it in perspective

  1. my vote: weed towers.

    let’s blaze… (too soon?)

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