So a few months ago when that Ukranian ship with dozens of Russian Tanks was hijacked by pirates off of Somalia, I posited that Blackwater et al. should get into the business of privateering.  Now, in this article about Africa being the new hotspot for private security firms a Blackwater executive discusses seeing great, “‘opportunity in the area of “maritime security,‘” with the article continuing, “In mid-October, Blackwater had announced that its 183-foot, helipad-equipped ship, the McArthur, was standing by to assist shipping companies in the area. (After being contacted by at least 70 shipping and insurance firms interested in its anti-piracy services, Blackwater in December held three days of meetings in London with prospective clients.)”

Snap!  It was obvious but still feels good to have seen it coming.

Blackwater’s New Frontier: Their Own Private Africa



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4 responses to “arrrrrrr

  1. isaacmillerphoto

    Any idea why when I’m looking up general wiki info about Blackwater its referred to as “Xe?”

    • looks like they changed their name to Xe, cause they had kind of used up any positive capital once present in the name Blackwater. And Xe sounds like an enemy civilization in an orson scott card book.

  2. isaacmillerphoto

    Exactly what I was thinking. I’m surprised that name isn’t…copywrited, copywritten, copywrought???, by Scientology.

  3. cakeweek ’09 presented by grumblybear & alanabird!?!

    (w/ a few possible amendments)

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