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how stupid do you think we are?


go back to myspace, seriously.


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okay, like, I understand that it’s traumatic when the university expands, and that every tree in upper-campus is, like, a precious jewel of the ecosystem and stuff, but really, you’re not lending yourself credibility when you express your contempt for The Man in such a juvenile way:

and how about getting the fucking acronym right, eh?  too hard for you? I bet you spell woman “womyn.”

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are you fo’serious?

really?  really?


okay, yeah, it’s just pandering to the constituency (I hope), but really, can’t you do it with some style or panache?

at least it will never go anywhere, but still.

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grumbling #1

so you know how you’re always told it’s a good idea to keep school-type papers for an extended period of time, to be able to prove scores received and papers graded? yeah that’s a good idea.

so it turns out my econ professor thinks I got 26/36 on the midterms. I got 31/36. but I can’t prove it, cause I thew away all my papers when I moved out of my dorm room.

he says it’s “a lesson” but I think it’s more of “a big fuckup that drives me crazy because the one thing I hate above all else is knowing something is absolutely wrong and not being able to prove myself correct.”

oh well. B+ is almost as good as A-. Wait, no it’s not.

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inaugural post

this is the post that it supposed to set the tone for the many to come, the post that gives you, dear reader, an indication of what kind of blag this is supposed to be.

screw that.

here’s a overly theatrical rodent:

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