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it is late and i am home

in my old room
in my old bed
on my old laptop
smelling the same—
wait, what?  what is that smell? “melted soy-honey balls”?  I am confused.

anyway, as expected, traffic sucked through the east bay.  it took like 3:30 to get from SC to Marin, and the cherry on top was being in the backseat of a VW Golf throughout it all.  but really, I was the shortest person in the car by at least 4″, so I can’t complain.  and kevin’s older brother has a ballin’ nav system in it that kept interrupting the music to say, “bear right onto US HIGHWAY ONE-HUNDRED-AND-ONE” in a clipped mechanical british accent.

AND I almost 2girl1cup’ed brian (older bro) when he was googling something on his treo (fuck you, we’re way cool don’t even argue), but the porn banner ads loaded before the video did.  oh well, that would’ve only been the BEST THING EVER.


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