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and you thought M.A.D. was a scary thought…

okay, so you may recall a year or so ago, when a video that contained instructions on how to unlock bicycle U-locks began to circulate on the internet.¬† If you don’t recall, the process was pretty simple:

  1. Take a standard bic ballpoint pen, pull it apart so you just have the cylindrical tube
  2. use a knife to slighly widen the diameter of the tube
  3. insert tube into the circular keyhole standard on U-locks
  4. jiggle a bit, and soon enough it will unlock

Now, for those people who used u-locks to secure their expensive-ass bikes, this was a chilling revelation (and Kryptonite, the manufacturer synonymous with such locks, quickly changed their mechanism to a different type).

but it gets even more chilling after you read this BBC article in which it was discovered that the exact same type of locking mechanism was used on British nuclear warheads until¬† at least 1994…!


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