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random entries from the notebook

that I try to keep on my person, to write down all my unique and interesting thoughts. hah, if that were true it would probably be empty. mostly just things that I think of/see and find notable or meriting further research (which never really happens):

from new years eve: the best invention ever, they’re gloves that have an abrasive surface on the palm/fingers with which to peel potatoes.
dirty sexy sex- magzine article title, really not noteworthy considering the publication it was found in (cosmo). and really, that magazine is about as far from cosmopolitan as is earthly possible.
“happy goodnight!”- I think Holly wished us happy goodnights when we parted ways at some point during the evening. I liked it.

“more of the popular vote than clinton ever had, and an email list of over 3 million supporters, which will be great for mobilization.”- some pundit on TV, remarking on someone’s endorsement of obama, I forget who. I was struck by the fact that even 4 or 8 years ago, this particular point wouldn’t have been made, because it probably wasn’t even an issue.
“hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue”- from an american studies lecture, attributed to some dead frenchman, I dug it. as long as one understands that virtue is superior to vice in theory, you know, it doesn’t really matter what they practice.  right?
inasmuch/insomuch- they’re actual words, they’re cool, that’s that.



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