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the continuing saga of ipod accidents…

I went running this morning before class, getting up before brian and kevin were up, so I left the room as quietly/quickly as possible.  ipod shuffle in hand, I left the apt in the chilly morning light.  I put on the earphones, clip the shuffle to my shorts, and hit ‘play.’  and it begins playing. playing elliott smith.  I forgot to update the playlist.

QUICK ASIDE: for thoe of you unaware of his music, just imagine ben folds if he played guitar, had a bad family life growing up, and eventually committed suicide (after kicking a heroin addiction) by stabbing himself in the chest. twice.

needless to say, this was not stereotypical running music.  although, interestingly, I’ve found that I really don’t like running to high-energy music at all—I just end up increasing my pace too much and burning out way fast.  NPR podcasts are what I listen to now—all things considered and this american life are both 45 minutes, and that seems to be the perfect length—I can leave the apartment, do my run (4 miles currently), and be back right as the episode is about to end.

I’m totally on an elliot smith kick now, though:


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