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geek social fallicies

while I’m sure there’s no firm scientific basis for this analysis, anecdotally I find it wholly accurate, and somewhat interesting.  one of those things that one always knew subconsciously, but didn’t have a good understanding of until it was logically laid out.  anyway…

 the five geek social fallacies.



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I just mistyped a .net address .ent, and I think it would be quite possibly the coolest thing ever to have a .ent top-level domain where all the treepeople of the world can come together and communicate.  only it would run on a 1000 baud network cause ents don’t need no broadband.

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she sells…


because we don’t have adobe CS3 here at the ITS HelpDesk, and the trial for CS ran out awhile ago, I went ahead and downloaded my own image editor. It’s a freeware mac app called Seashore and it’s perfectly acceptable for cropping, resizing, etc–essential stuff that really doesn’t require the brute force that is Photoshop. so yeah, for all you (3) readers (1 of which) using a mac, I recommend it.

I guess that’s you, Daniel, I reccomend it to you.

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