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from google homepage quotes

We are bits of stellar matter that got cold by accident, bits of a star gone wrong.
  – Sir Arthur Eddington


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“The Earth has a new centre and it is a tiny desert kingdom gone mad.”

Fascinating article about Dubai: its past (brief), its present (glittering) and its future (bound to be spectacular).  Also contains the interesting factoid that Dubai, with it’s 1.5 million people, owns the same amount of foreign assets (including US debt) as China, whose population dwarfs Dubai many times over.

It sounds like a surreal, magnificent, exploding shrine to capitalism and the free market.  I want to visit—business class, please.

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haha, it’s like whack-a-mole

you manage to quash the cultivation of one illegal crop (opium poppies), and the farmers just switch to another (cannabis):

Late on an October afternoon, Muhammad Ayud, 30, a kindly sharecropper, was finishing a day of work at the three-acre parcel he farms here in this poor village just outside the town of Balkh. His plot was covered by a forest of cannabis plants, some more than nine feet tall.

“This is nothing,” he said, gesturing toward the towering plants. “If you give it real fertilizer, you’d see how tall it grows!”


man, I want to be a kindly sharecropper with cannabis plants so gargantuan you have to use a cherrypicker to get at the topmost parts, or a chainsaw to cut them down.

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I appreciate it when spam loses the dumb euphamisms…

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