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what? a post not linking to some other (more interesting) site?

I have to say, I feel justified in my being pretty impressed with myself when I can cook a perfect steak (rare, but not too bloody) under any circumstances—even when being heckled and distracted by a peanut gallery who have availed themselves to cheap wine and marginally more expensive beer.


in any case, today has been a day of victory:

  • final for “ubiquitously” lame class was surprisingly easy and I feel that a 75% confidence in passing said class is reasonable
  • quarter is finished, my hopes are high for my new classes (US Popular Cultures, Contemporary Architecture, and as-of-yet unknown third class)
  • Going home, which will probably be mildly dreary but has the advantage of having family and a number of friends, neither of whom I have seen since January

overall positivity is the name of the game.


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