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I think this weekend can be summed up by appropriating a phrase overheard on the 38 muni, originating from a small woman in a large jacket talking on her cell phone: “shit, yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!” To recap, I am going to proceed gastrochronologically, because I ate a lot of delicious food this weekend and it was often either immediately preceded or proceeded by other figuratively delicious events.

Saturday, high-noon:
turkey, cheese, egg, and swiss crepe

The crepe (crepes a go-go on telegraph) was highly acceptable, though massively loaded with cheese.  mostly it was purchased because I had not eaten anything yet that day, and I was under the impression that berkeley friends (anita, andrew, anthony, and patrick) were occupied with errands.  Of course, as I’m watching the crepe being expertly assembled I get a call from anita telling me that they were done much earlier AND inviting me to indian food.
mango lassi
Finished the crepe as I walked to andrew’s apartment off telegraph.  saw an ent. maybe it was just a guy with an amazing costume and big ol’ stilts, but I’m not asking questions. we walked to an indian place and because I was replete with crepe I got a mango lassi. holy shit.  why I have I not encountered this nectar before?  amazing.

Saturday afternoon:

blue bottle coffee
Took Bart to the hazy city, got off at the civic center and went on a pilgrimage to blue bottle coffee kiosk, of whose location Andrew had a moderately clear idea.  we ended up circling it a few times, just to ensure it was safe, which it proved to be.  also, it had killer coffee.  the kiosk is more like a large loading door in the side of a warehouse, which had at least 20 people waiting in line for an artisan caffeine fix.  the chinese-restaurant-patronized-by-other-chinese rule held true for it: the line was full of affluent, hip white people, and by god, the coffee was killer.

spiritual nourishment:
Buzzed and optimistic, we were now on a quest to the presidio, to see a new andy goldsworthy installation.  We were winging it, definitely–the presidio is kind of a large plot, and I had no idea where the installation was.  In our northward wanderings, we ended up on cathedral hill, named so for st. mary’s of the assumption, an indredible cathedral (props to j. lieber for introducing me to it) that sits at the top. Designed by an italian futurist (pier luigi nervi) in the 60s, it looks like an extraterrestrial craft that has taken root amid the modernist apartment blocks and circular towers that surround it.
I’ve been there before, but the doors have always been locked.  Probably because I was accompanied by a notre dame theology student (or it was around the time for afternoon mass), the doors were open and we could go inside.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

saturday evening:
delicious dim sum
But not before this:
“spire,” an andy goldsworthy installation at the presidio, obviously we got there as the sun was setting.  this is so because we spent about an hour on the muni, guessed as to where we should get off, and then flip-flopped about actually continuing due to the ever-darkening sky.  we were finally put on the right track by a timely call from my dad, who informed us that the stop we had gotten off on was the exact one we wanted.  go us.  a quick walk up the street, past presidio terrace (some of the largest and most beautiful houses (estates?) I’ve seen in the city–dianne feinstein lives there) and we were there.  I’m glad it was dark, because it made the huge tower of tree trunks goldsworthy combined into a, well, spire, that much more striking.

back on the muni, heading down geary towards market, anthony and I agreed that while andrew was slightly hungy we were not thinking of food in the least.  literally 30 seconds later we were all getting off the bus, having spotted a dim sum place across the street.  apparently dim sum > actual hunger. in any case, it was fantastic–quick (we were done in 20 minutes), filling (12-piece dim sum and an order of chow mein), and cheap (less than $20 with tip).  If I ever live in the city, my kitchen will be spotless from disuse.  maybe dusty, but that’s more of a sheen rather than a spot.  so, spotless.

the next day was another rainy foray into the city, this time to have breakfast with emma who had flown earlier in the morning from vermont.  after being educated on the physics of the water cycle by a charming man (who also spread the gospel of joel osteen) and enjoying the spectacle of teenage fangirls waiting in line for a fall out boy concert, we parted ways and I returned to ashby to retrieve my vehicle and drive back to the cruz, but not before frantically trying to find a gas station before I wet myself, the parting shot from the 3 cups of bad coffee at the “NEW AGE DINER” emma and I had eaten at.  if it is any indicator of a new age, I’m going to have to turn into a right-wing fundamentalist conservative.  mediocre breakfast food ain’t part of any america I call home.  well, shit, I guess it really is.  but I prefer to think of it as old-age.  whtever, this is where the post stops because I’ve failed to find a suitable end point.

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Jesus Christ.

and he eats Jewish babies, too, they forgot to include that part.

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