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the tastiest sin


This archeological layer dates from present -3 days to 0 days (present).  the society that discarded these emptied vessels must have been engaging in some manner of prolonged celebration, perhaps heralding the visit of some prominent emissary from a neighboring tribe.  traditionally such visitors brought gifts in the form of glass bottles, but any such artifacts that may have existed were most likely placed in sacred receptacles that line the byways of the village and were collected semifortnightly by men who wore ritualized attire and traveled in great clockwork coaches.  proximate discoveries indicate that the feasting that empied these urns may have been preceded by a ritualised burning of a carefully cultivated herbage, though more research will have to be undertaken to confirm this hypothesis.  in any case, this represents a truly splendid find which will add much to our knowledge of these secretive and rare individuals, homo bourgeoisus collegius.


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