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am I especially uninformed…

…or just a sad commentary on the level of awareness that the average US citizen has for foreign affairs?

Because apparently Belgium has been without a national government for the past 6 months. The miracle is that it’s lasted this long–trains are on schedule, mail is still delivered, etc etc.

I guess that’s what happens when you have two incredibly distinct ethnic groups that exist in a single country:

“outside the royal family, the national football team, the foreign office, the justice system and the army, no national institution – not a single political party, a TV station, a charity or even a university – serves them both.”

And now that the economic standings of the two major groups–the Flemings and the Walloons–have reached a large enough discrepancy, the richer Flemings “don’t need” to continue to be a part of the country.

Options? Split into two countries a-la Czechoslovakia, or allow the french-speaking Wallonia to be absorbed by France, or try to settle their differences and continue to be the small chocolate-producing country we Americans have apparently come to love and ignore.

Bye bye Belgium?

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