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infrastructure as cartographic element

like, the only one.  no political demarcation, no geographical features.  just the most basic form of human infrastructure: roads

This guy also did another cool, and interactive, infographic, using a similarly artificial construct as the basis for the map: zip codes


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flags as infographics

granted they are more art than information (I don’t think the entire population of angola either has HIV or Malaria) but an interesting concept nonetheless.

meet the world

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infographics are cool

like hindsight

it blows me away how dry data, like property construction dates, can be so easily transformed into a visually appealing and interesting form that brings a greater (and different) level of understanding than the raw data by itself.


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because I like functional infographics

and this definitely qualifies:

world value map

based on the data from the World Values Survey

shout out to strangemaps, where I found this.


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