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christ maybe I should just update my livejournal and keep the angst in one place

so I’ve been going through a “oh damn what am i going to do with my life?” phase, which I guess is pretty normal at this point in my life. some miscellaneous thoughts/observations/whatevers:

I’ve pretty much decided on American Studies as my major.

American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that studies the United States and its diverse peoples. Students majoring in American Studies gain an understanding of Americans from various social and cultural backgrounds by examining racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, class, and regional dynamics in the nation’s past and present.

the two amst classes I’ve taken so far have been pretty interesting, not incredible or life-changing, but I suppose that’s a lot to ask, and the credit requirements for a BA in it are lower than a lot of other majors. This is especially good, considering thus-far I’ve taken a pretty cavalier attitude towards the classes I’ve taken and it would be be pretty irresponsible (financially and otherwise) to adopt the five-year-plan. I was hoping that I’d eventually take a class that would get me totally psyched about a course of study, but that hasn’t happened, and I know it’s probably needlessly fatalistic to give up on it, but it’s probably my own fault. I was pretty close-minded in my class selections, and never really went out of my comfort zone: no philosophy, psychology, or science (other than computer-).

As far as what to do with an American Studies post-graduation, I’ve been thinking law school. why? well, for one, it an impressive-sounding answer to the “what do you want to do?” question, but that’s probably not the best reason, is it? That’s the part that’s been bothering me about it: I’m not sure if my reasons are legitimate. To be honest, I don’t really want to be a lawyer to help people and provide a valuable service—don’t get me wrong, I think those are great, worthwhile and rewarding aspects of the profession, they’re just not primary attractions for me. I guess what I find compelling about being a lawyer is that it’s an elite profession, with specialized knowledge that gives power (and the ability to help others is part of that, i guess) to those who possess it. plus, I’ve always wanted to stride purposefully down the street in a well-tailored suit and leather briefcase, cause that would be badass to the nth power. The remuneration, of course, is far from a turn-off. I’m not looking for a seven-figure income, but the idea of a certain level of personal comfort, (namely, not having to worry about money) that corresponds with a degree of financial security, is highly appealing. The level of persistence and dedication that 3 years of law school requires is attractive too: I generally give up pretty easily on things that I feel will be too challenging, and this certainly qualifies as an endeavor that would force me to actually stick to something. unless, you know, I just dropped out after a semester or two (I mean, what’s $20,000 or $40,000, really?)…

anyway, right now it’s law school, next year it may be something different, but for the time being i guess it’s good to have at least one long-term goal.


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