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turkey day part 1

seeing as my (employed full-time) mom didn’t want to cook a big meal for three people, we went out for thanksgiving dinner. a nice side-benefit of this is that none of us had to do anything all day, and at about noonish-thirty I went on a drive. originally I was going to go 101-north, maybe to redwoods national park or something, but i had actually never driven 299 in my car (which by god is engineered for those twisties), so I headed inland. it was a beautiful day—maybe if that fact wasn’t so out-of-the-ordinary, I’d like it better up here. I ended up going to willow creek (about 45 miles, for you out-of-the-area readers) with a detour up the delciously named Titlow Road, which is awesome and even more twisty and occasionally one-laned, with incredible vistas that I kind of neglected to take pictures of. anyway, it was nice. pictures follow:

299 1299-2.jpg299-3.jpg299-4.jpg299-5.jpg299-6.jpg299-7.jpg


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